The 5th Annual International Conference of the Asian Association for Language Assessment (AALA)

The 5th International Conference of the Asian Association for Language Assessment

Conference Schedule


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October 18, 2018 (Thursday): Pre-Conference Workshops                                                Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel





Regal Hall 1

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Workshop 1

(Sponsored by Educational Testing Service)

Automated Feedback on Spoken and Written Language Production


Lin Gu & Keelan Evanini (Educational Testing Service)

Moderator: Yasuyo Sawaki (Waseda University)

Workshop 2

(Sponsored by the British Council)

Using Online Resources to Identify Suitable Reading Texts for Learning and Assessment


Barry O’Sullivan & Tan Jin (British Council / Sun Yat-sen University)

Moderator: David Qian
(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Workshop 3 
(Sponsored by the British Council)

Rating Scale Development


Ute Knoch (The University of Melbourne)

Moderator: Jirada Wudthayagorn, (Chulalongkorn University)



Coffee break


Workshop 1 (cont.)


Workshop 2 (cont.)


Workshop 3 (cont.)




Lunch break


Workshop 1 (cont.)


Workshop 2 (cont.)


Workshop 4

(Sponsored by Cambridge Assessment)

Assessing Reading: Frameworks, Models, Checklists & Top Tips


Hanan Khalifa (Cambridge Assessment)

Moderator: Jirada Wudthayagorn, (Chulalongkorn University)

AALA Executive Board Meeting


Coffee break (Stadium Café)


Workshop 1 (cont.)


Workshop 2 (cont.)


Workshop 4 (cont.)


AALA Executive Board Meeting (cont.)


Reception Dinner (Crystal Ballroom)



October 19, 2018 (Friday): Conference Day 1                                                             Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel




Regal Hall




Awards Ceremony

Awards Presenter: Antony John Kunnan (University of Macau)


Keynote Speech (Sponsored by the British Council)

From Standards to Operational Rating Criteria: Exploring the Issue of Context in Scale Design

Ute Knoch (The University of Melbourne)

Moderator: Yan Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


Coffee break



Plenary Speech 1 (Sponsored by Educational Testing Service)

Language Standards – Putting the Construct Definition in the Spotlight

Xiaoming Xi (Educational Testing Service)

Moderator: Jianda Liu (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)




Plenary Speech 2 (Sponsored by the British Council)


Barry O’Sullivan (British Council)

Moderator: David Qian (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)



Stadium Café

South Hall 1


Graduate Student Networking Lunch

Parallel Paper Sessions 1-3


Regal Hall 1

Regal Hall 5

Regal Hall 4



South Hall 1

North Hall 1


Grade-related Differential Item Functioning in GEPT-Kids Listening


Linyu Liao

Setting Chinese College Students’ Performance Standard on English Finals and Examining the Reliability and Standard Errors of the Cutting-scores


Yuan Yao & Jinyan Huang

Setting Standards for Portfolio Assessment in Chinese College English Class: Implications for Language Teachers' Assessment Literacy


Hua Wang

How Literate are Teachers in Goa in Assessment? Questionnaire Survey Analysis and beyond


Rama Mathew

Promoting L2 English Learners’ Reading Proficiency Through Computerized Dynamic Assessment


Yanfeng Yang

Working Towards Professional Standards for Language Test Developers in China: A Survey of Teachers’ Perceptions of Language Testing Practice


Jason Fan


The Reconceptualization and Redesign of Assessment Scoring Rubrics for University-level ESL Courses


Alan Urmston

Feedback on Speaking Performance in an Assessment Context


Lin Gu, Pamela Mollaun & Jorge Beltrán

Developing Data-driven Standards for Adapting Source Texts of Academic Reading Tests


Kai Guo & Tan Jin

Whose Standard Is It? Redefinition of Standardized Tests for ELF Users


Wei-Feng Liu

Dynamic Assessment of Reading Proficiency among L2 Learners of English


Yanfeng Yang, David Qian & Wenwu Long

Implementing Continuous Rater Standardisation on a Large English for Academic Purposes Assessment at a Sino-foreign University


Jeanne OConnell & Ricky Jeffrey


Assessing Strategic Competence of Young Language Learners in Oral Communication Using a Scenario-based Self-assessment Scale


Jun Wang

Assessment of Primary Chinese EFL Learners' Oral and Aural Language Skills and Their Relations to the National English Curriculum Standards Targets


Xi Lian

Language Assessment Literacy for Korean Teachers of English


Youngsoon So

British Council China Item Writing Training and Its Role in Improving Participant Language Assessment Literacy


Dylan Burton, Olena Rossi & Philip Horne

The Construction of Computerized Dynamic Assessment(C-DA) Model for EFL Listening


Dan Liu & Yaru Meng

Theory-based Approach to Writing Assessment: A Conceptual Framework for Assessment Design and Development


Cecilia Guanfang Zhao


Coffee break

Parallel Paper Sessions 4-7


Classroom-based Language Assessment: A Comparative Review Study


Hang Sun & Mengjie Xu

Interactive Spoken English Demands for English-medium Instruction in Tertiary Education: A Case Study of Taiwan


Anita Lin

Constructing Standards for Diagnostic Assessment of Evidence Use in Presentation: A Case Study


Zhan Shi, Jing Chen & Tan Jin

Investigating the validation approaches in language testing: Perspectives from Standards and Educational Measurement


Kaizhou Luo

Standardizing the Computerized Version of the Vietnamese Standardized Tests of English Proficiency (VSTEP.3-5)


Quynh Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Thao Nguyen & Sao Bui

The Development of a Data-driven Rubric for Assessing English Academic Presentation Competence


Ying Long & Pengpeng Feng


Standards for Developing Writing Assessments


Liz Hamp-Lyons

Standards in Developing Legal Translation Assessments


Haiping Wang

Standards for EFL Teachers' Assessment Knowledge Revisited


Hossein Farhady

Read and Know, Reason, Question and Create—The "FLTRP· ETIC Cup" English Reading Contest in Enriching Learning and Empowering Teaching


Shishi Zhang

The Applicable Standard Exploration of Language Assessment in Local Universities


Zhumei Lin

Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses of L2 Linguistic Complexity Measures


Hang Li


A Generalizability Analysis of Japanese EFL Students' Performance on Argumentative Writing Tasks


Kana Matsumura

Examining the Equivalence of Two Picture-based Listening Tasks for Chinese Eighth Graders


Luna Yang & Zunmin Wu

The Impact of Formative Assessment on Young English Learners' Motivation and Achievement in China


Jiawei Zhang

Alignment of the Standards-based Tests in Asia: TEPS and GEPT Comparison


Rachel Wu, Euijin Lim, Cecilia Liao, Heesung Jun, Jayoung Kim, Ingrid Chao, Grace Chen, Lynn Pan & Heokseung Kwon

Construct Validation of a Receptive Test of Collocational Knowledge: Complementary Use of CTT and Many-facet Rasch Measurement


Ivy Chen

Validating a Rating Scale for Summary Writing Using a Mixed-method Approach


Xuefeng Wu


Improving Language Scales through Alignment Studies: the Case of the China’s Standards of English


Wei Jie

The Relationships between EFL Learners' Strategy Use and Writing Test Performance


Naihsin Li & Jessica Wu

Reading Ability and Text Complexity: Do English-medium Schools Prepare Students for International Texts and Exams?


Alistair Van Moere, Heather Koons, Jamie Dunlea & Richard Spiby

Aligning China's Standards of English (CSE) with CEFR


Chuan Peng & Jianda Liu

What’s Going on in the Minds of Test-takers during a Simulated Two-way Discussion of the IELTS Speaking Test?


Christina Judy Fernandez

Validation of a Public Speaking Rubric at Tertiary Level in Mainland China: An Argument-based Approach


Li Liu & Guodong Jia


Group Photo


Cruise Banquet (Boarding the Shuttle to Shiliu Pu Pier, No. 551 Zhongshan Rd. E-2)




October 20, 2018 (Saturday): Conference Day 2                                                          Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel


Regal Hall


Plenary Speech 3 (Sponsored by Cambridge Assessment)

Setting Standards for Language Learning and Assessment – A Multilingual Perspective

Nick Saville (University of Cambridge)

Moderator: Zunmin Wu (Beijing Normal University)


Coffee break

Parallel Paper Sessions 8-11


Regal Hall

South Hall 1

North Hall 1


Special SessionSymposium: Standards-based Assessment for Diagnostic Purposes in Schools and Colleges


Chair: Zunmin Wu

Discussant: Jianda Liu

Presenters: Chunqing Zhang

          Liang Zhao

          Hang Sun & Yan Jin

          Jiuliang Li & Luxia Qi

Identifying the Level-distinguishing Features of the Reading Subscale of China's Standards of English Using Text Mining


Hongwen Cai

An Alignment Story of a High Stakes Examination in Bangladesh: A Washback Perspective


Nasreen Sultana


Investigating the Consequential Validity of the Test of English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) Test in the Japanese High School Context


David Allen & Diane Nagatomo

Predicting EAL Academic Ability: Implications for Vocabulary Assessment


Gavin Brooks & Jon Clenton


Standards in and out: Setting Rubrics for a Task Assessing Core Competencies


Yumei Zhang & Shaoqian Luo

Validity Standards in Language Testing Research and Language in Validity Standards


Ramsey Cardwell & Meltem Yumsek


Are The Stakeholders Ready for the Coming Senior High School English Achievement Test?


Lei Zhang

Linking the TEM-8 Summary Writing to the China's Standards of English


Mengjie Xu & Hang Sun

Investigating the Accuracy and Usefulness of an Automated Writing Evaluation System for Formative Assessment of L2 Writing


Limei Zhang


Stadium Café

Regal Hall


AALA General Membership Meeting


Crystal Ballroom


Poster Session

Chairs: Thi Ngoc Quynh Nguyen (Vietnam National University); Alan Urmston (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

  1. Investigating Local Dependence in a Large-Scale English Proficiency Test

    Euijin Lim (Seoul National University ), Jayoung Kim (Gyeonggi Institute of Education ) & Heesung Jun (Seoul National University)


  2. A Low Proficiency Test of Expeditious Reading

    Fan Chen (Nanjing University of Information Science and technology)


  3. The Relative Significance of Aural Vocabulary Knowledge in Listening Comprehension

    Dongjing Han (Shenzhen Polytechnic)


  4. Analyzing Speaking Tasks: Lexical Knowledge and Fluency in Monologic and Dialogic Speaking Tasks

    Dion Clingwall (Prefectural University of Hiroshima)


  5. Standards in Language Assessment: Investigating Lexical Frequency Profiles from Vocabulary and Speaking Tasks

    Jon Clenton, Simon Fraser & Dion Clingwall (Hiroshima University)


  6. Chinese Students’ Interpretation and Use of TOEFL Speaking Rubrics

    Yanping Deng (Waseda University)


  7. The Development of an English Test to Measure Critical Thinking Ability

    Hiroki Maeda, Takeshi Kato, Akiyo Hirai, Hideaki Oka & Naoki Takebayashi (University of Tsukuba)


  8. An Investigation into the Validity of the Cut Scores of the VSTEP.3-5 Listening Test

    Yen Nguyen (Vietnam National University)


  9. Assessing Critical Thinking in the English for Academic Purposes Classroom: Benchmarked Objective Criteria for Argumentative Written Texts

    Seth Hartigan (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)


  10. A Systematic Review of Washback Studies in the Japanese Context: A Replication of Cheng, Sun, and Ma (2015)

    Tatsuro Tahara (Waseda University)


  11. Developing Standards for Assessments at an EMI Course – to Make What is Taken for Granted Come True

    Quynh Nguyen & Nguyen Thi Thanh Van (Vietnam National University)


  12. Constructing Standards of EAP Assessment for Chinese EFL Learners of Finance and Economics Majors at University Level

    Wenjie Shi (Central University of Finance and Economics)


  13. A Test Review on the English Test for International Communication (ETIC) – An Assessment Use Argument Evaluation

    Xuelian Zhu (Sichuan International Studies University / Nanyang Technological University)


  14. Interpreting Vocabulary Knowledge Task Scores: Implications for Vocabulary Assessment Development

    Hosam Elmetaher (Hiroshima Shudo University ) & Jon Clenton (Hiroshima University)


  15. Improving English teachers’ classroom assessment literacy: the use of assessment questionnaire

    Xuelian Li (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)




Plenary Speech 4 (Sponsored by Liulishuo)

Developing Guidelines for Practice for Language Assessment in Asia: Principles and Methodology

Yan Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) & Jessica Wu (The Language Training and Testing Center)

Moderator: Yong-Won Lee (Seoul National University)



Yan Jin, Local Chair of 2018 AALA Conference(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)



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  • 2018.04.15
  • Notification of Acceptance
  • 2018.06.15


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